Trending #OOTD hashtag explained!

The full form of OOTD is Outfit of the day. Fashion sagacity has become an essential parameter for success in the glamorous world. People love to follow the trendy fashion idea to suffice their daily outfit needs.

The concept of Outfit of the Day emerged from the fashion bloggers who showcase the particular Outfit someone wears on occasions or events.

Outfit of the day is used in the context of the fashion where people choose to wear for special occasions or events, or the photoshoot event.

The OOTD shows trendy fashion ideas; it combines clothes, accessories, handbags, make-up, and footwear.

Generally, the photos taken for the OOTD are full-length selfies born in the mirror. So that people can notice every dress material people are wearing on a particular day.

The OOTD gives an idea to the general public on how they can dress for specific occasions or what the latest fashion trend is going on.

What is the primary purpose of OOTD?

The OOTD helps the fashion blogger to highlight the picture of the day by using it in the form of hashtags.

Hashtags help people understand the motive of the photo. It is widely used on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

The goal of the OOTD is to showcase the trendiness and how different connotations of style are put together and can carry.

Features of OOTD

New Launches

The general public wants to see and try something new. People need the idea of how to style with the different accessories and have a unique look. The OOTD shows the latest launch from various brands and how people can try the unique matching styles.

It creates brand awareness.

People do not love to purchase stuff blindly. Instead, they want to try multiple brands that suit them best and go with their wardrobes.

So, OOTD gives them the option to explore the different brands.

Clothes caring

The concept of OOTD is more about the latest trends. It helps people learn how they can take care of their clothes and maintain their clothes.

Generation of new ideas

Not everyone’s pockets allow them to spend a lot of money on clothes. The OOTD gives people an idea of how they can use their old clothes, style them with different accessories, and get a unique look.

Standard matters a lot

Many people desire to maintain the clothing standard. They love to choose their attire very wisely. The concept of OOTD helps select the clothes with the uttermost aesthetic appearance.

National OOTD Day

In America, people even celebrate the National Outfit of the day. Stassi Schroeder started it in 2018 to define the style statement of every individual.

The OOTD is not only about fabulous fashion. The ultimate motive of this day is to motivate people to dress in a way that makes them feel comfortable and feel good about themselves.

Dressing according to the events and particular occasion boost confidence and create a positive aura. However, The National OOTD is celebrated on 30th June every year.

Tips for choosing the right OOTD

Know the body

Wearing delightful clothes does not mean choosing an expensive brand. If people want to show the fashionista, first they need to know their body type. Are they skinny or heavy build? Not every attire suits everyone.

So, the first step is to analyze the body type.


Everyone is blessed with a different body, and they have something unique in their body. For example, many have astounding waists, while others may have majestic shoulders.

So, people can choose the body part they want to highlight.

Choose the right color.

Choosing the right color according to the occasion is essential. Some events need vibrant attire, whereas dull colors go well in many other events.

Significance of OOTD

  • Dressing in the right – Dressing the right way is essential. For example, if someone is going for an interview. They have to choose a particularly formal dress with a matched pair of shoes and with the standard accessories.
  • Boost confidence – the way people carry themselves impacts their overall personality. Dressing appropriately boosts the trust of people.


Some people may use different slang to describe the outfits. For example, for the evening occasion, people may use the hashtag Outfit of the evening, and for night events, they may use Outfit of the night.

To learn about the latest trends, people can search the hashtags on different social media platforms and understand what the latest brands offer.

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