Metro Ethernet Network – Types, Pros and Cons.

Metro Ethernet Network has replaced the wide-area network technology, which was widely used once. The MEN provides point-to-point or multipoint internet connectivity to the users. Now the MEN are operating to support the LAN technology.

The user can implement MEN by the multiple-protocol label switching. This method helps in the quick transfer of data and sharing of information. It uses the short-label path throughout the network in the form of different nodes.

Metro Ethernet uses the cable, radio waves, and fiber to connect. Nowadays, people use Ethernet services for different purposes; it has been used by many businesses, residents, and mobile subscribers.

MEN highlights

  • Metro Ethernet can connect two sites, but it can also connect multiple sites.
  • It can connect residential subscribers and different businesses.
  • The business can connect with the various cloud centers.

Types of Metro Ethernet Network

Ethernet Line Service

Ethernet line service helps in maintaining the point-to-point connection between two sites. The user can connect two routers with the same link. So, even if the network has a two-layer, the router remains in the same subnet.

It enables the quick and effortless transfer of data. It is also called virtual network private service.

Ethernet LAN Services

E-LAN is helpful when someone has multiple sites and wants each site to transfer frames to different sites. The E-LAN is full-mesh technology that connects all four sites. Under this service, every site can interchange frames with each other independently. That is, they don’t have to go through the central point.

It is also called virtual private LAN services; all links lie in the same subnet.

Ethernet Tree Services

Sometimes, the business needs to monitor all the data exchanged between the points. Ethernet Tree Services helps the industry to view its entire frame.

All the points are connected to the central site, and no two points can directly exchange information. All the connections are connected with the subnet.

It is also known as spoke topology, point-to-multipoint, or partial mesh.

Features of MEN

  • The scalable bandwidth ranges from 10Mpbs to 1 Gpbs.
  • It can support the copper or fiber optic interface.
  • It uses many transport protocols like SONET, ATMs, and Multiprotocol Label Switching.
  • The user can quickly add the additional bandwidth to the MEN.
  • It can connect the intranet and extranet sites.

MEN physical attributes

  • Speed – the different speed ranges are 10 Mbps, 100 Mbps, 1 Gbps, and 10 Gbps.
  • Mode – It indicated the support for full-duplex or half-duplex. It also supports the auto speed negotiations in the Ethernet frames.
  • Physical medium – It defines the medium per IEEE 802.3 standards.
  • MAC layer – specifies the different MAC layers.

Advantages of MEN


The metro Ethernet is easy to install. It does not involve any complex techniques. Hence, it helps in the cost reduction related to maintaining the network and investment.


The service providers have the responsibilities for the Metro Ethernet Services. They take care of the connection failures; they analyze the performance and determine the fault.

So, the user can use the services hassle-free. The service provider undertakes all the updates and corrections.


It supports an array of services like scheduling, policing, marking, and classification, hence making it easy to use by the business and the service provider.


There are many ranges of bandwidth available in the MEN. The enterprise can use the bandwidth according to their requirement.

Almost every bandwidth has the flexibility so that the user can upgrade or downgrade it as needed.


One of the best advantages is that it is not complex to use, unlike other networks. People can quickly install it and start working on it without wasting time.

They can also add or delete any network without any complexity.


Physical vulnerability

One of the significant disadvantages lies with the wire. Though the protective layer enfolds the wire, it still has a high chance of getting damaged.

Several conditions like high temperature or water spilling can quickly spoil the wire. It gets hurt and even breaks from the simple physical force.

The damage to the wire can quickly halt the working of the connection.


The metro Ethernet is called because it was first used in the metropolitan area network. It has overtaken other networks like LAN and WAN because of its high speed and accuracy.

Now, it is used in many products. Most businesses use this network in their day-to-day operations.

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