What does IMDb mean? All you need to know.

Internet Movie Database, popularly known as the IMDb, contains all the information related to the movies, video games, cast and crew, television programs, series, and the latest internet streaming shows.

The user can also check the reviews and ratings of the program or movie they wish to see. The viewer can provide their feedback on the films and other programs.

It is the most reliable and authoritative source for the movie world. The fan can choose the movie based on their interest from the database. It is based in Seattle.

Brief History of IMDb

  • IMDb was founded by the English software engineer Needham. He started compiling all the movies he had seen since 1980.
  • Once he created the databases of movies, he uploaded that on USENET software. From here, it officially came into effect on 17 October 1990.
  • In January 1996, Amazon purchased it and started selling videotapes and DVDs.
  • The site is free for users.
  • The company also started the IMDb Pro, which was a fee-based subscription for industry professionals.

 IMDb Acquisitions

IMDb made the two acquisitions in 2008:

  • It acquired a Box Office Mojo website founded in 1999 that showed the Hollywood box-office grosses in detail.
  • Another acquisition was Withoutabox, which was founded in the year 2000. It was the interface between the filmmakers searching for the audience and film festivals looking for the films.

Difference between IMDb and IMDbPro


The IMDb enables people to explore the movies of their choice. They can learn about the film and find all the necessary information on the website.

People can also share their knowledge about the movie and program with other fans. It has become the world’s largest community for entertainment lovers.

IMDb Pro

The IMDb Pro enables people to post their resumes seeking work in the entertainment industry. The job seeker can also find the details about the production house, their requirements, and different companies and brands.

People can add their images and videos, create a profile, and add a bio to the profile. They can also view the data trend and the latest news related to the industry.

Special features of the IMDb

  • The internet movie database has become one of the largest databases across the world. It contains roughly more than 40,000 movies, series, and documentaries.
  • The IMDb is not limited to specific locations. It contains movies produced in different parts of the world.
  • The database is updated weekly, and it does not contain lesser-known documentaries and pornography.
  • The IMDb website provides different search criteria like country of origin, character names, year of release, and plot summaries.
  • In May 2019, it had more than 75 million registered users, 6 million titles, and more than 10 million personalities.
  • The database also contains more than 2,250,000 filmographies covering 180,000 movie titles.

IMDb is user friendly and enables people with:

  • The website allows it to browse for popular shows and shows the most-watched episodes and movies. It highlights the top picks.
  • It helps in comparing the different options.
  • People can check the critic reviews and ratings.
  • Before watching the complete movie, people can first watch the trailers.

What difference can people explore?

  • People can browse goofs, quotes, and trivia.
  • It offers news related to the film industry.
  • Even if someone misses the special shows, they can get the complete show primarily related to Academy Awards, film festivals, San Diego Comic-con, and Emmys.
  • People can explore their favorite celebrity birthday and best picture winners.

What other facility does it offer to people?

  • People can buy movie tickets from their mobile.
  • The website can tell the showtimes streaming on nearby theaters.
  • People can get personal recommendations on the shows.
  • People can create and share a list of movies they love to watch.


  • The database does not have Boolean search options.
  • Many people consider it incomplete, as they cannot get the complete information. For example, partial information is available in some cases like classification, age rating, cast and credits, and incomplete physical description.
  • The qualities of the videos are not consistent.


IMDb has become the best source of entertainment across the globe. The free-to-use website has an array of features. People of different age groups can find the program option.

It is available in German, Spanish, France, English, Chinese, Portuguese, Italian, Korean, Hindi, and Turkish.

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