What is ACCA? Course details, scope and admission process

The complete form of ACCA is the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. ACCA is the global professional body that awards the qualification of a chartered accountant to the applicants. The headquarter of ACCA is based in London. While the administration of ACCA is done from Glasgow, Scotland. ACCA is done after the completion or during the graduation course. On average, ACCA gets completed in three years.

ACCA established its offices and centers in 51 countries, and there are more than 100 offices in ACCA worldwide. The offices of ACCA are present in India also.

Brief History

  • ACCA came into existence on November 30, 1904.
  • The CEO of ACCA is Helen Brand, and its President is Mark Millar.
  • The official website of ACCA is http://www.accaglobal.com
  • The salary package for ACCA starts from 2 lakhs per month to 4 lakhs per month.
  • On average ACCA course takes three years to complete. The minimum qualification required to enroll in ACCA is 10+2 with the subject’s accounts and mathematics.
  • Applicants who have done their graduation in B.com, BCA, or BBA can also apply for ACCA.
  • The admission to ACCA is made based on the entrance examination and merit in the graduation.

Scope of ACCA

  • After completing ACCA, the students can apply for the posts like taxation experts, accountants, and business analysts.
  • Sectors like business development, cyber security, finance and administration, commercial finance, and project management have a broad scope for ACCA qualified professionals.
  • With an ACCA certificate, the students get the opportunity to get a job across the world.
  • ACCA is considered a reputed and highly payable course all across the globe.
  • ACCA qualification is accepted and given priority in every country for the related sectors.
  • ACCA qualification is valuable as a full-time degree at the university level. One can do this course independently or with a bachelor’s degree such as BBA or B.com.
  • ACCA course study and examination patterns are highly favorable for the students. That’s why maximum students prefer to do their graduation and ACCA course together to save time.
  • The examination pattern of ACCA involves thirteen examinations that have to be covered for three years.
  • All the major business topics and subjects are covered in the course study of ACCA. It includes business taxation, financial statements, business ethics, etc.
  • Students who want to learn about accounts and finance must opt for ACCA, as this course includes an extended syllabus on business and accounts.

Why a student must opt for the ACCA

  • ACCA qualification means that the job applicants have more knowledge in finance and accounting, enhancing the chances of hiring the applying candidates.
  • ACCA has gained more popularity in recent years. Many students all over the globe have upgraded their qualifications with this particular course.
  • With ACCA qualification, the students can opt for any career option, whether management or accounting.
  • There is an excellent possibility for the ACCA-qualified students to go into higher positions in the management and accounts field.
  • ACCA course study is based on global standards, which helps the students learn about the international aspects. With ACCA, the applicants get an excellent option to choose different countries to make a promising career.
  • The examination of ACCA is scheduled twice a year, giving students enough time to balance their other ongoing studies or job.

Process of admission

  • Go to the official website of ACCA and check for the apply icon.
  • You will be directed to fill out the application form. In this application form, the applying candidate has to give some personal details which must be verified. Almost all the colleges or universities associated with ACCA have online procedures for filling out the application form. At the same time, students can check for the offline process.
  • After filling out the application form, students need to upload the required documents and certificates. Then students are asked to pay the fees for the course study. The students are updated about the status of application form verification.
  • It may take some time to verify the application form and review the eligibility criteria of the students.
  • Once the application form is accepted, the students are given the details for the entrance examination. Students are informed accordingly if the admission has to be done based on a personal interview.
  • The entrance examination of ACCA
  • Clear the entrance examination designed by the respective universities for ACCA depends on the syllabus.
  • In general, the students have to be versed in the basics of accounts and finance. The textbooks of accounts and finance from 5th to 12th grade are beneficial to crack the examination.
  • Solving the past question papers can be helpful.
  • A relevant and suitable study material to crack the ACCA entrance examination very essential.

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