What is the full form of BCG?

The Full form of BCG is Boston Consulting Group. BCG is a successful company of business consultancy which Bruce Henderson founded. The founder of BCG had a great vision that helped the company grow in the world’s ever-changing economic and business environment. BCG is a renowned name worldwide and ranks among the top three consultancy industries globally.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • BCG has given free access to its website to all. The website includes plenty of information about the company, its work and its plans.
  • The information on the website is so vast that it may take a couple of days to grasp the complete information.
  • BCG leads the market as a prime industry consultant. So, if you are looking forward to getting hired at BCG, then going through the website information can turn up the game for you.
  • The official website of BCG is www.BCG.com.
  • The headquarter of Boston Consulting Group is based in Boston, Massachusetts, United States.
  • BCG has expanded its operations throughout the world with more than 125 offices in around 50 countries of the world.
  • The significant events by BCG include the recruitment fair on the chosen campuses of the world.
  • BCG organizes the informational drives throughout the year in some chosen colleges and universities worldwide.
  • BCG provides networking opportunities for people with the same interests. These groups include the Latino group, Women group, Asian group and LGBT group, etc.

Foundation of BCG

The foundation of BCG was done in 1964 as a Boston company’s subsidiary. The initial name of BCG was Management and Consulting Division. The founder of BCG Mr. Henderson was an undergraduate. Henderson was a hardworking and visionary who made his mark in his first job at Westinghouse Corporation. His career was so impressive that Henderson was chosen as the vice-president of Westinghouse Corporation within a few years of working there.

Soon, Henderson left this lucrative job and joined the Boston Company. With his sheer hard work in the company, he was promoted to look after the BCG’s consultancy firm in 1964. BCG started working independently in 1968, with Henderson at the top position in the company. Henderson got retired from the post of CEO of BCG in 1985, and he died in his seventies, a few years after his retirement.

Careers offered by BCG

BCG has a giant team of more than 14,000 employees. BCG hires the employees in the sector like:

  • People and organization
  • Information Technology
  • Strategy
  • Operations
  • Sales and Marketing

The target areas of BCG are the public and private sector, financial and automotive sector, transportation and tourism sector, healthcare and social sector.

Scope at BCG

BCG provides a good scope for development as a consultant. BCG prefers employees with MBA degrees, and the undergraduate students hired by BCG as consultants can pursue their MBA along with the job. Without an MBA degree, getting a higher associate position in BCG becomes challenging.

  • BCG provides a fair chance for its employees to grow in the company, and deserving employees can grow up to the level of partners in the company.
  • BCG provides work training to its employees, and this training is a must and essential for newcomers. BCG’s training curriculum includes the fundamental values and overall knowledge of consulting required by every consultant employee of BCG.
  • To make the training program easily accessible to new employees, BCG has developed a personalized learning platform for the employees called LAB.

For the top performer employees of BCG, there are some unique perks. Like:

Fellow programs

This program is the most prestigious program, only awarded to the group’s hardworking and focused employees. In this program, the employees are granted a lucrative budget and other needed facilities to work on the research program of BCG. The employees are given full authority to choose the research topic they want.

Strategy Institute of BCG

This program includes making the future working plan for the company approximately a decade ahead now. The top-performing employees are chosen from the offices of BCG across the world and given training and the opportunity to frame the future strategies for the company.

Internship programs of BCG

Like other programs, the BCG internship programs add so much value to the resume or CV of the students. BCG provides a well-structured internship program for the trainees in internship programs. The internship program of BCG has been ranked in the ’50 best internship companies” by the business week.

Three qualities BCG hiring team looks for in their interviewees:

BCG’s work culture is excellent and progressive. The hardworking employees are rewarded with promotions in a foreign location and frequent business meetings across the different countries of the world. Before hiring, despite a good resume, the hiring team makes sure the following qualities are there in this interviewee

  • The person must be creative and have the quality to look out of the box for the given problem.
  • The person’s knowledge must not remain up to consultancy, economics and finance. The interviewee must have strong views about the politics, history of the world and scientific developments.
  • The person must get the big picture of the subject with the given fragments. The working sector at BCG is a big umbrella, so the interviewee must know how to connect each industry and make a progressive structure.

Awards won by BCG

BCG has made its mark in the consultancy field the world. BCG has won several awards since its origin. The best award won by BCG are:

  • BCG ranked in the second position among the top 50 consulting firms globally.
  • BCG is ranked first as the best consultancy group in the compensation field.

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