What does Zap mean?

Zap is one of the popular acronyms in English. If you are searching for what does Zap stand for, it has many abbreviations in different categories. We will be covering all of them on this page. The following image contains the most popular Zap meaning, and the rest of the abbreviations are listed in the table below.

What is the meaning of Zap?

Among all the Zap meanings, Zapotec is the most popular one in Regional (Language Codes) category.

Abbreviation Zapotec
Category Regional (Language Codes)

We have found 44 abbreviations for Zap in categories like Regional, Transport & Travel, Computing, Associations & Organizations, News & Entertainment, and Technology. If you want to explore Zap definitions in each category, scroll to the end where we have listed each category’s Zap abbreviations separately.

Zap meaning in different categories:


Acronym Meaning Classification
Zap Zapotec Language Codes

Transport & Travel

Acronym Meaning Classification
zap Titan Airways Airline Codes


Acronym Meaning Classification
ZAP Zed Attack Proxy Internet
ZAP Zone Alarm Pro Games & Entertainment
ZAP Zone Analysis Program Software & Applications

Associations & Organizations

Acronym Meaning Classification
ZAP Zinfandel Advocates And Producers Regional Organizations
ZAP Zambia Accountability Programme Regional Organizations
ZAP Zookeepers’ Association Of The Philippines Regional Organizations
ZAP Zylup Airship Project Regional Organizations
ZAP Zimbabwe Association Of Packaging Regional Organizations
ZAP Zoo Animal Presenters Animal Welfare
ZAP Zoos, Arts, And Parks Animal Welfare

News & Entertainment

Acronym Meaning Classification
ZAP Zenith Applied Philosophy Journals & Publications


Acronym Meaning Classification
ZAP Zero Accident Program Robotics & Automation
ZAP Zone Axis Pattern Robotics & Automation
ZAP Zero Alignment Product Tech Terms
ZAP Zero Accident Potential Tech Terms


Acronym Meaning Classification
ZAP Zaklady Azotowe Pulawy Companies & Corporations
ZAP Zero Administration Package Business Terms
ZAP Zelfstandig Academisch Personeel Terms
ZAP Zone Appraisal And Planning Companies & Corporations
ZAP Zerodibi Audio Production Companies & Corporations
ZAP Zine Archive Project Services
ZAP Zaklady Automatyki Przemyslowej Companies & Corporations


Acronym Meaning Classification
ZAP Zero All Productivity Uncategorized


Acronym Meaning Classification
ZAP Zoster Associated Pain Diseases & Conditions
ZAP Zeta Associated Protein Anatomy & Physiology
ZAP Zero Airway Pressure Healthcare
ZAP Zeer Actieve Psychologie Psychology

Academic & Science

Acronym Meaning Classification
ZAP Zero And Add Packed Electronics
ZAP Z Axis Precession Engineering


Acronym Meaning Classification
ZAP Zambia Adjudicators’ Panel Departments & Agencies
ZAP Zambia Alliance For Progress Politics
ZAP Zero Adult Providers Departments & Agencies

Sports & Games

Acronym Meaning Classification
ZAP Zero Armed Perpetrators Martial Arts

Computer Assembly Language

Acronym Meaning Classification
ZAP Zeros Aren’t Permitted Computer Assembly Language


Acronym Meaning Classification
ZAP Zealous Art Promoters Music

Military and Defence

Acronym Meaning Classification
ZAP Zimbabwean Anti Personnel Military and Defence

File Type

Acronym Meaning Classification
ZAP Windows Software Installation Settings File Type
ZAP Rebel Software Installation Manager File Type
ZAP Filewrangler Compressed File File Type
ZAP Zone Labs, Inc. Zone Alarm Data File Type


Acronym Meaning Classification
ZAP Zany Award Points Sports


Acronym Meaning Classification
ZAP Zone Announcement Protocol Networking

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What does Zap stands for in Regional (Language Codes)?

Zap stands for Zapotec in Regional (Language Codes).

Q. How is “Zapotec” abbreviated?

“Zapotec” is abbreviated as Zap.

Q. What are the top popular abbreviations of Zap globally?

Zapotec | Titan Airways | Zed Attack Proxy | Zinfandel Advocates And Producers | Zone Alarm Pro

Zap meaning in all languages:

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