What does WP mean?

WP is one of the popular acronyms in English. If you are searching for what does WP stand for, it has many abbreviations in different categories. We will be covering all of them on this page. The following image contains the most popular WP meaning, and the rest of the abbreviations are listed in the table below.

What is the meaning of WP?

Among all the WP meanings, Washington Post is the most popular one in News & Entertainment (Journals & Publications) category.

Abbreviation Washington Post
Category News & Entertainment (Journals & Publications)

We have found 87 abbreviations for WP in categories like News & Entertainment, Computing, Business, Society & Culture, Job Title, and Sports. If you want to explore WP definitions in each category, scroll to the end where we have listed each category’s WP abbreviations separately.

WP meaning in different categories:

News & Entertainment

Acronym Meaning Classification
WP Washington Post Journals & Publications
WP The Washington Post Journals & Publications
WP The World Politics Journals & Publications
WP Writs Page Journals & Publications


Acronym Meaning Classification
WP WordPress Internet
WP Word Processing Software & Applications
WP White Papers File Extensions
WP Web Proxy Games & Entertainment
WP Wikipedia Page Internet
WP Wolf Princess Games & Entertainment
WP Water Platform Games & Entertainment
WP Weakest Precondition Programming & Development


Acronym Meaning Classification
WP Whirlpool Companies & Corporations
WP Warburg Pincus Companies & Corporations
WP Work Plan Business Management
WP Wedding Peach Companies & Corporations
WP Web Presence Business Terms
WP Writing Plan Business Terms
WP Walkinshaw Performance Companies & Corporations
WP Wiregrass Publishing, Inc. Companies & Corporations

Society & Culture

Acronym Meaning Classification
WP Whey Protein Food & Drink
wp Wooden Peg Food & Drink
WP White Pinstripes Fashion & Lifestyle
WP William Patrick Celebrities & Famous
WP Week Of Prayer Events
WP Warren And Penfolds Food & Drink

Job Title

Acronym Meaning Classification
WP Wedding Planner Job Title
WP Wedding Photographer Job Title
WP Wetland Professional Job Title


Acronym Meaning Classification
WP Water Polo Sports
WP Winning Pitcher Sports
WP Worth Playing Sports


Acronym Meaning Classification
WP Woodland Park Towns & Cities
WP Western Province Provinces
WP Wilayah Persekutuan States & Districts

Trees & Plants

Acronym Meaning Classification
WP White Pine Farming & Agriculture


Acronym Meaning Classification
WP Waterproof Tech Terms
WP Wettable Powder Tech Terms
wp Wind Profilers Airplanes & Aircraft
WP Wellhead Platform Tech Terms
WP Workspace Pointer Display & Graphics


Acronym Meaning Classification
WP Work Permit Rules & Regulations
WP White Phosphorus Military
WP Working Parties Departments & Agencies
wp Whitehall Police Police
wp Wilmington Police Military
wp Westerville Police Military
WP Writ Petition Law & Legal
WP Welfare Party Policies & Programs
WP Withholding Foreign Partnership Agreement Departments & Agencies
WP Workers Party Politics
WP Way Point, Often Squad Way Point. Military

Space Science

Acronym Meaning Classification
WP Way Point Space Science
WP Work Package Space Science
WP Working Pressure Space Science
WP Wrist Pitch Space Science

Academic & Science

Acronym Meaning Classification
WP Water Pollutant Chemistry
WP Wind Power Electrical
WP Works Programme Courses
WP Working Point Electrical
WP Watt Peak Units
WP Water Productivity Engineering
WP Wavelet Packets Mathematics
WP Widening Participation Research & Development
WP Write Precompensation Electrical
WP Wave Processor Electrical
wp Well Proposal Courses
WP Waterman Polyhedron Courses

Country Specific

Acronym Meaning Classification
WP Western Pacific Country Specific

Accounts and Finance

Acronym Meaning Classification
WP Wholesale Price Accounts and Finance
WP Will Price Accounts and Finance
WP Wirtschaftsprufer (certified Auditor) Accounts and Finance


Acronym Meaning Classification
WP Weather Permitting Chat & Messaging
WP Well Played Chat & Messaging
wp Well Put Chat & Messaging


Acronym Meaning Classification
WP Wrong Person Messaging

Sports & Games

Acronym Meaning Classification
WP Winning Percentage Racing Sports


Acronym Meaning Classification
WP Wafer Process Electronics
WP Write Precompensation (hard Disc Drive) Electronics


Acronym Meaning Classification
wp Waverly Police Uncategorized
Wp Player Requires A Work Permit Before He Can Play Uncategorized

Military and Defence

Acronym Meaning Classification
WP With Permission Military and Defence

Indian Railway Station

Acronym Meaning Classification
WP WANGAPALLI Indian Railway Station


Acronym Meaning Classification
WP With Probability Maths


Acronym Meaning Classification
WP Wound Potential Anatomy & Physiology

Computer and Networking

Acronym Meaning Classification
WP Working Party (ITU) Computer and Networking

File Type

Acronym Meaning Classification
WP Wordperfect Text Document File Type

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What does WP stands for in News & Entertainment (Journals & Publications)?

WP stands for Washington Post in News & Entertainment (Journals & Publications).

Q. How is “Washington Post” abbreviated?

“Washington Post” is abbreviated as WP.

Q. What are the top popular abbreviations of WP globally?

Washington Post | WordPress | Whirlpool | Whey Protein | The Washington Post

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