ICA là viết tắt của từ gì

ICA là một trong những từ viết tắt phổ biến trong Tiếng Việt. Nếu bạn đang tìm kiếm ICA là viết tắt của gì, nó có nhiều chữ viết tắt trong các danh mục khác nhau. Chúng tôi sẽ giới thiệu tất cả chúng trên trang này. Hình ảnh sau đây chứa ý nghĩa ICA phổ biến nhất và phần còn lại của các từ viết tắt được liệt kê trong bảng dưới đây.

Ý nghĩa của ICA là gì?

Trong số tất cả các ý nghĩa ICA, Immigration and Checkpoints Authority là ý nghĩa phổ biến nhất trong danh mục Governmental (Departments & Agencies).

Nghĩa Immigration and Checkpoints Authority
Loại Governmental (Departments & Agencies)

Chúng tôi đã tìm thấy 144 chữ viết tắt của ICA trong các danh mục như Governmental, Medical, Academic & Science, Computing, Sports & Games, and Associations & Organizations. Nếu bạn muốn khám phá các định nghĩa ICA trong từng danh mục, hãy cuộn đến cuối nơi chúng tôi đã liệt kê các từ viết tắt ICA của từng danh mục riêng biệt.

ICA meaning in different categories:

Chính quyền

Acronym Meaning Classification
ICA Immigration and Checkpoints Authority Departments & Agencies
ICA International Court Of Arbitration Law & Legal
ICA International Cooperation Administration Departments & Agencies
ICA Intermediate Court Of Appeals Law & Legal
ICA Intelligence Community Assessment Military
ICA Interstate Commerce Act Law & Legal
ICA International Court Of Appeal Law & Legal
ICA Irish Citizens Army Politics
ICA International Contract Agency Firms & Organizations
ICA International Commodity Agreement Policies & Programs
ICA Independent Civilian Advisory Law & Legal
ICA Idaho Citizens Alliance Politics
ICA Industrial Cooperation Authority Departments & Agencies
ICA Indische Centrale Aanschaffingsdienst Firms & Organizations
ICA Intelligence Center Atlantic Departments & Agencies
ICA Information, Communication And Arts Departments & Agencies
ICA Insurance Corporation Of Afghanistan Firms & Organizations

Thuộc về y học

Acronym Meaning Classification
ICA Internal Carotid Artery Anatomy & Physiology
ICA Islet Cell Antibodies Biochemistry
ICA Islet Cell Autoantibodies Medicines & Drugs

Học thuật & Khoa học

Acronym Meaning Classification
ICA Independent Component Analysis Electronics
ICA Ivy Collegiate Academy Courses
ICA Instituto Coreano Argentino Universities & Institutions
ICA International Christian Academy Courses
ICA Institute Of Culture And Arts Research & Development
ICA Immaculate Conception Academy Universities & Institutions
ICA Irlam And Cadishead Academy Universities & Institutions
ICA Interfaculty Committee Agraria Universities & Institutions
ICA Ingenieros Civiles Asociados Academic Degrees
ICA Ikara Comprehensive Academy Universities & Institutions
ICA Ideational Cognitive Archaeology Courses
ICA Isotropically Conductive Adhesive Electrical
ICA Institute of Computer Accountants Universities & Institutions

Tin học

Acronym Meaning Classification
ICA Imperialist Competitive Algorithm Software & Applications
ICA International Cloud Atlas Databases
ICA Independent Computing Architecture Protocols
ICA Intermediate Certification Authority Security
ICA Iterative Classification Algorithms Programming & Development
ICA Intelligent Computing Architecture Hardware
ICA Integrated Communications Adapter Hardware

Thể thao & Trò chơi

Acronym Meaning Classification
ICA Indoor Cricket Arenas Outdoor & Adventure
ICA Israel Cycling Academy Cycling
ICA International Cycling Association Cycling

Hiệp hội & Tổ chức

Acronym Meaning Classification
ICA Indians For Collective Action Regional Organizations
ICA Interstitial Cystitis Association Medical Organizations
ICA International Cartographic Association Professional Associations
ICA International Chiropractors Association Professional Associations
ICA International Conference In Asia Conferences & Events
ICA International Cotton Association Trade Associations
ICA Indian Council Of Arbitration Regional Organizations
ICA Indonesian Cat Association Animal Welfare
ICA International Council On Archives Regional Organizations
ICA International Cooperation Agency International Orgaizations
ICA International Colour Authority Regional Organizations
ICA International Christian Association International Orgaizations
ICA Indigenous Climate Action Regional Organizations
ICA Independent Contractors Of Australia Regional Organizations
ICA Insurance Council Of Australia Regional Organizations
ICA International Commission For Acoustics International Orgaizations
ICA International Copper Association Trade Associations
ICA International Coffee Agreement Conferences & Events
ICA International Co-operative Alliance International Orgaizations
ICA Inter Country Adoption Social Welfare Organizations
ICA Illinois Chess Association Regional Organizations
ICA International Consultation And Analysis Governmental Organizations
ICA International Communication Association Professional Associations
ICA International Compliance Association Professional Associations
ICA International Communication Agency Governmental Organizations
ICA Institute Of Chartered Accountants Regional Organizations
ICA Islam And Culture Association Religious Organizations
ICA Intercollegiate Committee Of Athletics Sports & Recreation Organizations
ICA International Coalition Of Apostles Religious Organizations
ICA Independent Charities Of America Regional Organizations
ICA Israel Cancer Association Medical Organizations
ICA Inter Cultural Association Social Welfare Organizations
ICA Irish Countrywomens Association Regional Organizations
ICA International Christian Assembly Regional Organizations
ICA International Credit Association International Orgaizations
ICA Infrastructure Consortium For Africa Non-Profit Organizations
ICA Institute For Contemporary Affairs Regional Organizations
ICA Israeli Cardiological Association Medical Organizations
ICA Irish Cycling Association Sports & Recreation Organizations
ICA Indian Cellular Association Regional Organizations
ICA International Committee On Archives International Orgaizations
ICA Islington Chinese Association Regional Organizations
ICA Institute Of Credit Administration Regional Organizations
ICA Institute Of Cultural Affairs Arts Associations
ICA Intermuseum Conservation Association Regional Organizations
ICA Indian Cultural Association Regional Organizations
ICA Industrial Cooperative Association Technological Organizations
ICA Insurance Counseling Assistance Professional Associations
ICA Independent Clubs Association Sports & Recreation Organizations
ICA Institute Of Cinema And Audiovisual Educational Organizations
ICA Islamic Center Of America Regional Organizations
ICA Interne Council Of America Regional Organizations
ICA Internet Commerce Associations Trade Associations
ICA Independent Composers Association Regional Organizations
ICA Institute Of Communication Agencies Professional Associations
ICA Israel Cricket Association Sports & Recreation Organizations
ICA International Confederation Of Accordionists International Orgaizations
ICA International Cocoa Agreement Conferences & Events
ICA Industrial Construction Association Trade Associations
ICA Industrial Cooperation Agreements International Orgaizations
ICA Ingressive Campus Ambassador Conferences & Events
ICA International Culture Association Governmental Organizations
ICA International Circassian Association Regional Organizations
ICA Independent Cities Association International Orgaizations
ICA International Car Association Trade Associations
ICA International Criminologists Association Professional Associations

Việc kinh doanh

Acronym Meaning Classification
ICA Imputation Credit Account Accounting
ICA India Classic Arts Companies & Corporations
ICA International Combustion Australia Companies & Corporations
ICA International Concert Attractions Companies & Corporations
ICA Ipcenter Certified Associate Job Titles
ICA Investment Corporation Of America NYSE Symbols
ICA Independent Certified Accountant Trade
ICA Informatica Centrum Antwerpen Companies & Corporations
ICA Empresas I C A Societe Controladora Companies & Corporations

Bảo hiểm

Acronym Meaning Classification
ICA Insurance Claims Adjusters Insurance

Ngân hàng

Acronym Meaning Classification
ICA Interbank Card Association Banking

Công nghệ

Acronym Meaning Classification
ICA Integrity, Confidentiality, And Availability Tech Terms
ICA Intra Court Appeal Tech Terms
ICA Intersection Collision Avoidance Automotive
ICA Internal Curing Admixture Tech Terms

Tài khoản và Tài chính

Acronym Meaning Classification
ICA International Congress of Accountants Accounts and Finance

nghệ thuật

Acronym Meaning Classification
ICA Indonesian Choice Awards Music

Giao thông & Du lịch

Acronym Meaning Classification
ICA Instructions For Continued Airworthiness Air Transport
ICA Icabaru Airport Airport Codes

Tin tức & Giải trí

Acronym Meaning Classification
ICA Intercollegiate Athletics News

Loại tệp

Acronym Meaning Classification
ICA Citrix File File Type
ICA Icon Archive (ioca) File Type
ICA Image Object Content Architecture Bitmap Graphics File File Type

Mã sân bay

Acronym Meaning Classification
ICA Icabaru Airport Code

Khu vực

Acronym Meaning Classification
ICA Institute of Contemporary Arts Buildings & Landmarks

Điều khoản khác

Acronym Meaning Classification
ICA Invalid Childrens Aid Fictional

Xã hội & Văn hóa

Acronym Meaning Classification
ICA International Critics Award Awards
ICA Ivan Codd Approved Celebrities & Famous

Khoa học vũ trụ

Acronym Meaning Classification
ICA Item Change Analysis Space Science
ICA Integration Control Agreement Space Science

Viện giáo dục

Acronym Meaning Classification
ICA Intermediate and College Algebra Educational Institute

Quân sự và Quốc phòng

Acronym Meaning Classification
ICA Integrated Control Architecture Military and Defence
ICA Independent Cost Analysis Military and Defence

Máy tính và mạng

Acronym Meaning Classification
ICA Information Communication Architecture Computer and Networking

Phần cứng máy tính

Acronym Meaning Classification
ICA Interface Connector Assembly Computer Hardware

Câu hỏi thường gặp (FAQ)

Q. ICA là viết tắt của nghĩa gì trong ICA?

ICA là viết tắt của Immigration and Checkpoints Authority trong Governmental (Departments & Agencies).

Q. “Immigration and Checkpoints Authority” được viết tắt như thế nào?

“Immigration and Checkpoints Authority” được viết tắt là ICA.

Q. Các từ viết tắt phổ biến hàng đầu của ICA trên toàn cầu là gì?

Immigration and Checkpoints Authority | Internal Carotid Artery | Independent Component Analysis | International Court Of Arbitration | Imperialist Competitive Algorithm

ICA có nghĩa trong tất cả các ngôn ngữ:

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