What does RP mean?

RP is one of the popular acronyms in English. If you are searching for what does RP stand for, it has many abbreviations in different categories. We will be covering all of them on this page. The following image contains the most popular RP meaning, and the rest of the abbreviations are listed in the table below.

What is the meaning of RP?

Among all the RP meanings, Philippines is the most popular one in Computing (Domain Names (TLD)) category.

Abbreviation Philippines
Category Computing (Domain Names (TLD))

We have found 137 abbreviations for RP in categories like Computing, Governmental, Society & Culture, Medical, Sports, and Country Specific. If you want to explore RP definitions in each category, scroll to the end where we have listed each category’s RP abbreviations separately.

RP meaning in different categories:


Acronym Meaning Classification
RP Philippines Domain Names (TLD)
RP Riot Points Games & Entertainment
RP Real Photo File Extensions
RP Random Page File Extensions
RP Recommended Practices Internet
RP Route Processor Networking
rp Revision Point Commands
RP Resolution Professional Games & Entertainment
RP Restoration Priority General Computing
RP Reachability Problems Programming & Development


Acronym Meaning Classification
RP Republic Party Politics
RP Responsible Party Rules & Regulations
RP Regional Plan Policies & Programs
RP Russian Party Military
RP Revenue Procedure Rules & Regulations
RP Representation Of People Law & Legal
RP Retained Personnel Military
RP Regimental Provost Military
RP Resettlement Plan Policies & Programs
RP Reform Party Politics
RP Regimental Policemen Military
RP Reconciliation Party Politics
RP Rhodesia Party Politics
RP Rickshaw Panchayat Rules & Regulations

Society & Culture

Acronym Meaning Classification
RP Ron Paul Celebrities & Famous
RP Rick Perry Celebrities & Famous
RP Ralph Patterson Celebrities & Famous
RP Ruddlesden Popper Celebrities & Famous
RP Ricardo Paul Celebrities & Famous


Acronym Meaning Classification
RP Retinitis Pigmentosa Diseases & Conditions
RP Relapsing Polychondritis Diseases & Conditions
RP Radical Prostatectomy Surgery
RP Retrograde Pyelogram Tests
RP Retropubic Prostatectomy Treatments & Procedures
RP Responsible Pharmacist Healthcare
RP Retinal Projector Healthcare
Rp Pulmonary Resistance Anatomy & Physiology
RP Rejection Probability Surgery
RP Radius Posterior Anatomy & Physiology
RP Regulatory Particles Anatomy & Physiology
RP Revolutionizing Prostheses Healthcare


Acronym Meaning Classification
RP Role Playing Sports
RP Runs Prevented Sports
RP Rinks Parents Sports
RP Rowland Pauligk Sports

Country Specific

Acronym Meaning Classification
RP Rogers Park Country Specific
RP Rockall Plateau Country Specific


Acronym Meaning Classification
Rp Indonesian Rupiah Currencies
RP Received Pronunciation Language Codes
RP Republic Of The Philippines Countries
RP Republic Of Poland Countries
RP Refuge Pointe Buildings & Landmarks

Military and Defence

Acronym Meaning Classification
RP Rally Point Military and Defence
RP Red Phosphorus Military and Defence
RP Release Point Military and Defence
RP Repair Parts Military and Defence
RP Rendezvous Point Military and Defence
RP Religious Program Specialist Military and Defence
RP Review Pane Military and Defence
RP Rapid Patch Military and Defence
RP River Patrol Military and Defence
RP Radar Picket Military and Defence
RP Rapid Production Military and Defence
RP Russian Prick Military and Defence
RP Reconstitution Priority Military and Defence
RP Release Point (road) Military and Defence


Acronym Meaning Classification
RP Reverse Polarity Electronics
RP Regulated Phase Electronics


Acronym Meaning Classification
RP Retail Price Business Terms
RP Repurchase Agreement Banking
RP Recovery Program Products
RP Revealed Preference Business Terms
RP Responsible Person Business Terms
RP Riser Platform Banking
RP Return Premium Business Terms
RP Read Pair Stock Market
RP Rating Pending Stock Market
RP Relying Party Business Terms
RP Roshan Pakistan Companies & Corporations
RP Reserve Pool Banking
RP Registered Paralegal Job Titles
RP Reporting Person Business Terms
RP Reply Paid Business Terms
RP Rothschild Pearce Banking


Acronym Meaning Classification
RP Rapid Prototyping Softwares

Accounts and Finance

Acronym Meaning Classification
RP Risk Premium Accounts and Finance
RP Regular Price Accounts and Finance

News & Entertainment

Acronym Meaning Classification
RP Rheinische Post News
RP Radio Play Music
RP Reporting Post News
RP Real Police Music
RP Russian Program News
RP Random Penseur Journals & Publications
RP Reprint The Publication Journals & Publications
RP Readable Prose Journals & Publications

Academic & Science

Acronym Meaning Classification
RP Rust Preventative Architecture & Constructions
RP Radical Polymerization Chemistry
RP Research Platform Research & Development
RP Reverse Phase Electronics
RP Retribution Principle Physics
RP Readiness Potential Electrical
RP Republic Polytechnic Engineering
RP Recurrence Plot Mathematics
RP Ruhemanns Purple Chemistry
RP Radiated Power Electrical
RP Reference Pure Language & Linguistics
RP Regional Programme Courses
RP Revival Package Universities & Institutions
RP Remodel Points Architecture & Constructions

Space Science

Acronym Meaning Classification
RP Rotating Platform Space Science
RP Rocket Propellant Space Science
RP Relative Pressure Space Science
RP Reaction Plane Space Science
RP Repair Period Space Science


Acronym Meaning Classification
RP Rock Pop Music


Acronym Meaning Classification
RP Romantic Partner Chat & Messaging
RP Rejuvenation Patch Stationery


Acronym Meaning Classification
RP Root Port Communication
RP Reverse Printing Tech Terms
RP Rescue Pump Automotive
RP Revertive Pulsing Tech Terms
RP Red Photometer Automotive

Transport & Travel

Acronym Meaning Classification
RP Chautauqua Airlines Airline Codes
RP Raden Panji Airport Codes
RP Robert Parsell Railway Station Codes
RP Reference Posts Rail Transport
RP Repetition Pitch Air Transport
RP Regional Priorities Land Transport

Sports & Games

Acronym Meaning Classification
RP Ranking Points Other Games
RP Ranked Pairs Other Games

Associations & Organizations

Acronym Meaning Classification
RP Research And Policy Regional Organizations

Computer and Networking

Acronym Meaning Classification
RP Radio Ports Computer and Networking

Computer Assembly Language

Acronym Meaning Classification
RP Register Pair Computer Assembly Language
RP Rotate Programmers Computer Assembly Language


Acronym Meaning Classification
RP Relations Publiques Uncategorized

Physics Related

Acronym Meaning Classification
RP Riemannian Polyeder Physics Related

Job Title

Acronym Meaning Classification
RP Resignation Permitted Job Title

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What does RP stands for in Computing (Domain Names (TLD))?

RP stands for Philippines in Computing (Domain Names (TLD)).

Q. How is “Philippines” abbreviated?

“Philippines” is abbreviated as RP.

Q. What are the top popular abbreviations of RP globally?

Philippines | Republic Party | Ron Paul | Retinitis Pigmentosa | Rick Perry

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