What does ERP mean?

ERP is one of the popular acronyms in English. If you are searching for what does ERP stand for, it has many abbreviations in different categories. We will be covering all of them on this page. The following image contains the most popular ERP meaning, and the rest of the abbreviations are listed in the table below.

What is the meaning of ERP?

Among all the ERP meanings, Enterprise Resource Planning is the most popular one in Computing (Software & Applications) category.

Abbreviation Enterprise Resource Planning
Category Computing (Software & Applications)

For every business and corporate organization, managing chunks of files with properly balancing multiple tasks are really big things. In this context, the significance of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) can be felt.

ERP serves as a high-tech software used by companies to manage regular business activities like risk management, accounting, procurement, and project handling. Industries like the health care sector, estates, hospitality, and nonprofit groups use ERP for supply chain operations. Check some information about ERP in this article. 

Functions of ERP

Today Enterprise Resource Planning software works as an integrated system that provides important insights into data analysis. From finance management to operational features, all key aspects are smoothly handled by ERP. Some of the main functions are- 

Acts as a Human Resource component

In this role, the ERP would hire, check payroll, and timekeeping, and altogether manage the end-to-end employee platform. HR software developed by an ERM system can also deal with complicated functioning like tax and benefits deductions. 

Supply Chain Management

Monitoring a company’s Supply Chain Management (SCM) is considered one of the primary functions of any ERM software. SCM comprises tracking the client’s demand, manufacturing unit, logistics, and delivery. Here, ERM would ensure automatic supply chain functions by detailing the purchase orders and work orders among many locations. 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

For the success of any corporate hub, analyzing the relationship with the customers is also vital. ERP systems can be used for accessing customer history and accordingly helps in growing the annual sales. You can develop trusted relationships with the customers through this process. 

Account Management

The original ERP platforms were more focussed on accounting. However, since then, the platform has undergone major updates, and now also manages the company’s finance. The accounting software tracks the respective accounting numbers of the clients and guides in better data analysis. 

ERP: Pros and Cons


  • Improved access to clients’ information and ensures better customer service with quick response times. 
  • Acts as an integrated system for all databases of the company. It maintains a single truth source for any business. 
  • Wisely saves the cost with better inventory planning. 
  • Protects encrypted information and prevents the installation of malicious software. 
  • Maintains transparency throughout the business administration. 


  • May add up the extra cost regarding maintenance and the third party add-ons for the company. 
  • Formulating a concrete data conversion strategy is a tough nut to crack. 
  • Takes time in analyzing, defining, and implementing the data sources. 
  • The compensation charges in case of bad data conversion are high. 
  • Expert technical knowledge is required to operate the ERP platforms. 

Examples of Enterprise Resource Planning

  • One of the most operated Enterprise Resource Planning systems is Oracle ERP Cloud developed in 2012. The latest Oracle ERP cloud version is accessible in Mac, Linux, and Windows desktop versions. Their Artificial Intelligence(AI) leverages auto-updated daily tasks. 
  • The Acumatica Cloud ERP software is used by smaller and mid-scale companies. Industries like e-commerce, retail, manufacturing, real estate, and agriculture popularly use the Acumatica ERP. 
  • The BizAutomation is an integrated cloud-based platform that works for small to large-scale businesses and even for wholesale and retailers. 

Big companies using ERM systems

  • Starbucks uses the Oracle cloud-based ERP software solution and handles the day-to-day activities of the big company. Oracle serves applications like CRM, ERP, and SCM processes. 
  • Toyota, an automobile brand, hands over the task of business management to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP program. With Dynamics, the company maintains a paperless system which reduces the workload of the staff. 
  • The e-commerce brand Amazon trusts System Analysis and Program (SAP) software for managing finances, logistic demands, HR, and order management. ERP systems like SAP boost the overall sales rate annually.

We have found 69 abbreviations for ERP in categories like Computing, Medical, Business, Governmental, Academic & Science, and Messaging. If you want to explore ERP definitions in each category, scroll to the end where we have listed each category’s ERP abbreviations separately.

ERP meaning in different categories:


Acronym Meaning Classification
ERP Enterprise Resource Planning Software & Applications
ERP Extended Reporting Policy File Extensions
ERP Eap Re Authentication Protocol Protocols
ERP Enterprise Resource Provision Hardware


Acronym Meaning Classification
ERP Exposure And Response Prevention Psychology
ERP Effective Refractory Period Anatomy & Physiology
ERP Extended Reporting Period Healthcare
ERP Evoked Response Potential Laboratory
ERP Expert Review Panel Healthcare
ERP Exposure And Relapse Prevention Medicines & Drugs


Acronym Meaning Classification
ERP Equity Risk Premium Finance
ERP Enterprise Resource Management Business Management
ERP Effective Rate of Protection Business Terms
ERP Educational Results Partnership Companies & Corporations
ERP External Reference Pricing Business Terms
ERP Energy Risk Professional Job Titles
ERP Employee Representation Plan Business Terms
ERP Environmentally Responsible Packaging Business Terms
ERP Energy Recovery Products Business Management
ERP External Registration Programme Business Terms
ERP Eurasian Research Publishing Companies & Corporations
ERP Economic Resiliency Plan Business Terms
ERP Equal Remuneration Principle Business Terms
ERP Error Recovery Procedure Services


Acronym Meaning Classification
ERP Emergency Response Plan Census & Statistics
ERP Economic Report of the President Documents & Certificates
ERP European Recovery Program Policies & Programs
ERP Economic Recovery Program Policies & Programs
ERP Ejército Revolucionario Del Pueblo Military
ERP European Redemption Pact Policies & Programs
ERP Estimated Resident Population Census & Statistics
ERP Expanded Return Program Policies & Programs
ERP Environmental Research Parks Departments & Agencies
ERP Estonian Reform Party Politics
ERP Early Retirement Programme Policies & Programs
ERP Everyday Rob People Law & Legal
ERP Economic Rehabilitation Program Policies & Programs
ERP Extended Refit Period Military
ERP Extended Range Projectile Military

Academic & Science

Acronym Meaning Classification
ERP Emergency Response Planning Courses
ERP Event Related Potential Research & Development
ERP Effective Radiated Power Electrical
ERP Energy Recovery Plant Electrical
ERP Environmental Results Program Research & Development
ERP Essential Research Program Research & Development
ERP Emergency Receptacle Panel Electrical
ERP Exact Reconstruction Principle Economics


Acronym Meaning Classification
ERP Emergency Response Procedures Messaging

Transport & Travel

Acronym Meaning Classification
ERP Electronic Road Pricing Land Transport
ERP Eastern Route Project Land Transport


Acronym Meaning Classification
ERP Effective Rating Points Sports
ERP Early Racquet Preparation Sports
ERP Enhanced Realistic Personality Sports


Acronym Meaning Classification
ERP Estimated Retail Price Chat & Messaging

Computer and Networking

Acronym Meaning Classification
ERP Ear Reference Point Computer and Networking
ERP EOC Register Protocol Computer and Networking

Stock Exchange

Acronym Meaning Classification
ERP Exchange Rate Protection Stock Exchange


Acronym Meaning Classification
ERP Energy-related Products Energy & Recycling
ERP Expensive Redundant Processing Tech Terms

Associations & Organizations

Acronym Meaning Classification
ERP European Recycling Platform Regional Organizations
ERP Ecg Readers Program Regional Organizations

News & Entertainment

Acronym Meaning Classification
ERP Encyclopedia Of The Roman Provinces Journals & Publications
ERP Engineer Reproduction Plant Music

Military and Defence

Acronym Meaning Classification
ERP Equipment Reception Party Military and Defence
ERP Enroute Reporting Point Military and Defence


Acronym Meaning Classification
ERP Envelope Return Path Softwares


Acronym Meaning Classification
ERP Extended Range Pyrometer Electronics


Acronym Meaning Classification
ERP Error Reduction Parameter Maths

Sports & Games

Acronym Meaning Classification
ERP Estimated Runs Produced Baseball

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What does ERP stands for in Computing (Software & Applications)?

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning in Computing (Software & Applications).

Q. How is “Enterprise Resource Planning” abbreviated?

“Enterprise Resource Planning” is abbreviated as ERP.

Q. What are the top popular abbreviations of ERP globally?

Enterprise Resource Planning | Exposure And Response Prevention | Equity Risk Premium | Emergency Response Plan | Emergency Response Planning

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