What does CP mean?

CP is one of the popular acronyms in English. If you are searching for what does CP stand for, it has many abbreviations in different categories. We will be covering all of them on this page. The following image contains the most popular CP meaning, and the rest of the abbreviations are listed in the table below.

What is the meaning of CP?

Among all the CP meanings, Crown Plaza is the most popular one in Business (Companies & Corporations) category.

Abbreviation Crown Plaza
Category Business (Companies & Corporations)

We have found 336 abbreviations for CP in categories like Business, Computer Technology, Medical, Regional, Computing, and Telecommunication. If you want to explore CP definitions in each category, scroll to the end where we have listed each category’s CP abbreviations separately.

CP meaning in different categories:


Acronym Meaning Classification
CP Crown Plaza Companies & Corporations
CP Contingency Plan Business Terms
CP Colgate Palmolive NYSE Symbols
CP Commercial Property Business Terms
CP Crossing Point Stock Market
CP Canadian Pacific Companies & Corporations
CP Commercial Paper Banking
CP Certified Professional Job Titles
CP Crowd Pleaser Business Terms
CP Claims Processing Business Terms
CP Construction Apprentice Job Titles
CP Care Partner Job Titles
CP Compliance Program Banking
CP Core Principles Business Terms
CP Cooperative Principle Business Terms
CP Career Point Terms
CP Class Period Business Terms
cp Custom Parts Academic Degrees
CP Canadian Press Companies & Corporations
CP The Canadian Press Companies & Corporations
CP Charles Platt Companies & Corporations
CP Close Protection Products
CP Cost Proposal Business Terms
CP Creative Performance Companies & Corporations
CP Customer Profitability Business Terms
CP Canadian Pacific Railway Limited Companies & Corporations
cp Common Parent Banking
CP Code Of Practice Business Terms
CP Change Proposal Business Terms
CP Charoen Pokphand Companies & Corporations
CP Candidate Presentation Job Titles
CP Chief Producer Job Titles
CP Carter Paterson Companies & Corporations
CP Campro Production Companies & Corporations
CP Critical Personnel Business Terms
CP Continuing Promise Banking
CP Curious Pastimes Companies & Corporations
CP Central President Job Titles
cp Centre Punched Business Terms
CP Certificate Proceeding Terms
CP Canadian Pacific Limited. Stock Market

Computer Technology

Acronym Meaning Classification
CP Computer Computer Technology


Acronym Meaning Classification
CP Cerebral Palsy Diseases & Conditions
CP Chest Pain Diseases & Conditions
CP Cleft Palate Anatomy & Physiology
CP Cesspool Medicines & Drugs
CP Cyclophosphamide Medicines & Drugs
CP Chronic Pancreatitis Diseases & Conditions
CP Ceruloplasmin Biochemistry
CP Cardiopulmonary Anatomy & Physiology
CP Cervical Position Anatomy & Physiology
CP Categorical Perception Diseases & Conditions
CP Catamenial Pneumothorax Diseases & Conditions
CP Cross Post Healthcare
CP Competent Person Healthcare
CP Capsid Protein Anatomy & Physiology
CP Cardiac Pacing Healthcare
CP Cortical Plate Anatomy & Physiology
CP Conscious Proprioception Anatomy & Physiology
CP Congenital Prosopagnosia Diseases & Conditions
CP Cerebral Palsy Of New Jersey Diseases & Conditions
CP Chronic Polyarthritis Diseases & Conditions
CP Cardiac Performance Tests
CP Capsular Penetration Anatomy & Physiology
CP Central Plaque Anatomy & Physiology
CP Cerato Platanin Anatomy & Physiology
CP Chlamydial Porin Anatomy & Physiology
CP Child Protection Healthcare
CP Complementarity Plot Biochemistry
CP Cross Phenotype Genetics


Acronym Meaning Classification
CP Copenhagen Postal Codes
CP Crystal Palace Buildings & Landmarks
CP Community Park Buildings & Landmarks
CP Connaught Place Buildings & Landmarks
CP Carte Postale Postal Codes
CP Central Provinces States & Districts


Acronym Meaning Classification
CP Club Penguin Games & Entertainment
CP Copy Commands
cp Copy Pasta Games & Entertainment
CP Corpse Party Games & Entertainment
CP Computer Program General Computing
cp Copy And Print Software & Applications
CP Communication Processor General Computing
CP Connecting Point Networking
CP Central Processor General Computing
CP Control Program Software & Applications
CP Code Page General Computing
CP Capture Point Games & Entertainment
CP Constraint Programming Programming & Development
CP Champion Points Games & Entertainment
CP Conditional Proof General Computing
CP Combat Power Games & Entertainment
CP Certificate Policy Security
CP Component Pascal Hardware
CP Compact Policy Networking
CP Constructive Program Programming & Development
CP Console Printer Hardware
CP Constraint Planning General Computing
CP Consistency Point General Computing
CP Custom Paragraph Internet
CP Context Pointer Programming & Development
CP Coordination Processor General Computing
CP Conventional Processor General Computing
CP Child Panel Programming & Development
CP Capsule Patches Games & Entertainment


Acronym Meaning Classification
CP Cell Phone Telecommunication
CP Call Processing Telecommunication
CP Charging Party Telecommunication

Academic & Science

Acronym Meaning Classification
CP Cours Préparatoire Academic Degrees
CP Certificate Program Courses
CP Coastal Plain Geology
CP Colegio Publico Universities & Institutions
CP Creatine Phosphate Chemistry
CP Chicago Pneumatic Electronics
CP Castle Points Electronics
CP Chain Pull Electrical
CP Certificate In Pharmacy Courses
CP Chemical Processing Engineering
CP Cross Polarization Electrical
CP Career Program Courses
CP Cyclopentadienyl Chemistry
CP Carbamoyl Phosphate Chemistry
CP Clothes Pole Language & Linguistics
CP Coat Protein Biology
CP Cooperative Program Courses
CP Complementizer Phrase Language & Linguistics
CP Certified Prosthetist Academic Degrees
CP Collected Papers Language & Linguistics
CP Cambridge Primary Courses
CP Colored Protein Biology
CP Control Periods Language & Linguistics
CP Critical Phenomenology Language & Linguistics
CP Circuit Probe Electrical
CP Coincidence Point Courses
CP Coincident Peak Physics
CP Charge Parity Electronics
CP Circular Polarisation Physics
CP Computer Paragraph Courses
CP Concrete Piercing Architecture & Constructions
CP Common Progenitor Biology
CP Concrete Penetrating Architecture & Constructions
CP Cellobiose Phosphorylase Biology
CP Carbon Petroleum Chemistry
CP Coupling Position Electrical
CP Core Particle Physics
CP Comres Pavingstone Architecture & Constructions
CP Central Protuberance Astronomy & Space Science
CP Calibration Pot Physics
CP Central Pedestal Astronomy & Space Science
CP Caprera Period Astronomy & Space Science
CP Circularly Permutated Mathematics
CP College Of Preceptors Academic Degrees
CP Career Related Program Courses
CP Cold Airmass Chemistry
CP Cambridge Pulsar Astronomy & Space Science
CP Conjugation Parity Language & Linguistics
CP Chemically Peculiar Chemistry
CP College Prep Universities & Institutions
CP College Preparatory Universities & Institutions
CP Configurationality Parameter Mathematics
Cp Capensinidin Chemistry
CP Common Programme’ Courses

Society & Culture

Acronym Meaning Classification
CP Christina Perri Celebrities & Famous
CP Cold Pressed Events
CP Crown Prince Awards
cp Candlelight Processional Events
CP Cumberland Presbyterian Religion & Spirituality
CP Cold Process Food & Drink
CP Charles Patrick Celebrities & Famous
CP Chandra Prasad Celebrities & Famous
CP Congregation Of The Passion Religion & Spirituality
CP Crude Powder Food & Drink
Cp Cariyapitaka Religion & Spirituality
CP Clare Pendar Celebrities & Famous
cp Christian Philippsen Celebrities & Famous
CP Commercially Pure Food & Drink
CP Canonical Prayerbook Food & Drink
CP Clava Picts Food & Drink

Trees & Plants

Acronym Meaning Classification
CP Carnivorous Plant Farming & Agriculture

Space Science

Acronym Meaning Classification
CP Control Panel Space Science
CP Crash Pad Space Science
CP Cold Plate Space Science
CP Center of Pressure Space Science
CP Control Point Space Science
CP Candle Power Space Science
CP Circular Pitch Space Science
CP Cargo Program Office Space Science
CP Console Processor Space Science
CP Controlled Planetary Space Science


Acronym Meaning Classification
CP Código Postal Standards
CP Carer Payment Policies & Programs
CP Colored People Titles
CP Conservative Party Politics
CP Community Policing Police
CP Consumer Protection Law & Legal
CP Commissioner Of Police Police
CP Constable Of Police Police
CP Cambridge Police Police
CP Canton Police Police
CP Construction Permit Rules & Regulations
CP Census Of Population Census & Statistics
CP Convention Party Military
CP Caldwell Police Military
CP Citizen Petition Law & Legal
CP Cultural Property Law & Legal
CP Centre Party Military
CP Chief Purser Departments & Agencies
CP Christian Party Military
CP Chillicothe Police Police
CP Civic Platform Politics
CP Clyde Police Police
CP Civil Parish Law & Legal
CP Certified Parliamentarian Military
CP Civic Passion Military
CP Centrum Partij Military
CP Compete Peerage Law & Legal
CP Commune Panchayats Departments & Agencies
CP Citizens Party Politics
CP Communist Party Military
CP Chosen Plaintexts Military
CP Constitution Party Military
CP Comboios de Portugal[Trains of Portugal] Firms & Organizations
CP Close Protection, Close / Personal Protection Military


Acronym Meaning Classification
CP Sleepy Uncategorized

Military and Defence

Acronym Meaning Classification
CP Co-pilot Military and Defence
CP Check Point Military and Defence
CP Command Post Military and Defence
CP Capacity Planning Military and Defence
CP Choke Point Military and Defence
CP Communication Problem Military and Defence
CP Counterproliferation Military and Defence
CP Contact Point Military and Defence
CP Collection Point Military and Defence
CP Counterplan Military and Defence
CP Command Processor Military and Defence
CP Closest Point Military and Defence
CP Correction Processor Military and Defence

Computer Hardware

Acronym Meaning Classification
CP Color Printer Computer Hardware
CP Computing Power Computer Hardware


Acronym Meaning Classification
CP Cutie Pie Chat & Messaging
CP Computer Painted Fictional
CP Cheap Plastic Pseudoscience
CP Copyright Problems Chat & Messaging
CP Cant Procreate Chat & Messaging

Job Title

Acronym Meaning Classification
CP Couch Potato Job Title
CP Certified Palmtherapist Job Title

Transport & Travel

Acronym Meaning Classification
CP Canadian Airlines Airline Codes
CP Canadian Pacific Railway Rail Transport
CP Comfort Plus Airline Codes
CP Compass Airlines Airline Codes
CP Central Pacific Railway Station Codes
CP Comboios De Portugal Rail Transport
CP Canadian Pacific Airlines Airline Codes
CP Coaching Points Rail Transport
CP Kolkata Railway Station (Chitpur Station) IRCTC Station Codes
CP Cherumba Parotiyadukkam Rail Transport


Acronym Meaning Classification
CP Cutie Patootie Messaging
CP Contract Package Messaging
CP Created Posts Messaging


Acronym Meaning Classification
CP Critical Point Maths
CP Cyclic Permutation Maths
CP Cyclic Prefix Maths
CP Completely Positive Maths
CP Closure Preserving Maths


Acronym Meaning Classification
CP Cleaner Production Automotive
CP Community Portal Communication
CP Constant Pressure Medical
CP Current Position Communication
CP Cold Pool Energy & Recycling
CP Canister Purge Airplanes & Aircraft
CP Camera Port Tech Terms
cp Copy Propagation Communication
CP Cartridge Polisher Tech Terms
CP Contention Period Communication
CP Certification Phase Specifications & Standards


Acronym Meaning Classification
CP Card Points Sports
CP Championship Points Sports
CP Can’t Play Sports
CP Contribution Points Sports


Acronym Meaning Classification
CP Cathodic Protection Electronics
CP Chip Place Electronics
CP Circular Polarized Electronics
Cp Process Capability Electronics
CP Conductive Polymer Electronics
CP Continuous Propagation Electronics
CP Capability Performance Electronics
CP Constant Potential Electronics

News & Entertainment

Acronym Meaning Classification
CP The Christian Post News
CP Co Produced Movies & Film
CP Coated Paper Journals & Publications
CP Cow Pony News
CP Center Of Percussion Music
CP Character Player Movies & Film
CP Chat Post News
CP China Programme Music
CP The Champion Pub News
CP Continuous Publication Journals & Publications
CP Country Programme Music
CP Child Psychology Journals & Publications
CP Child Psychiatry Journals & Publications

Sports & Games

Acronym Meaning Classification
CP Crystal Points Other Games
CP Combat Pistol Martial Arts
CP Conservation Planning Water Sports
CP Camel Polo Other Games
CP Cross Pairs Board Games
CP Capital Punishers Martial Arts

Measurement Unit

Acronym Meaning Classification
CP Centipoise Measurement Unit

Computer and Networking

Acronym Meaning Classification
CP Communications Protocol Computer and Networking
CP Customer Premises Computer and Networking
CP Cyclical Prefix Computer and Networking
CP Continuous Presence (H.243) Computer and Networking


Acronym Meaning Classification
CP Crude Protein Chemistry
CP Chemically Pure Chemistry


Acronym Meaning Classification
CP Community Program Performing arts
CP Capital Prophets Music
CP Colbert Platinum Music

Accounts and Finance

Acronym Meaning Classification
CP Credit Points Accounts and Finance

Associations & Organizations

Acronym Meaning Classification
CP Caring For People Medical Organizations
CP Colombo Plan Social Welfare Organizations
CP Council Of Presidents Regional Organizations
CP Cooperation Partner Trade Unions
CP Cantiere Popolare Regional Organizations
CP Chhatra Parishad Regional Organizations
CP Conservación Patagónica Regional Organizations
CP College Possible Educational Organizations
CP Conflict Probe Conferences & Events
CP Passionate Sisters Of St. Paul Of The Cross Religious Organizations

Physics Related

Acronym Meaning Classification
CP Coulomb Potential Physics Related
CP Critical Power Physics Related
CP Critical Pair Physics Related

Animal Kingdom

Acronym Meaning Classification
CP Conservation Plan Animal Conservation
CP Coal Passer Insects

Earth Science

Acronym Meaning Classification
CP Central Peak Earth Science

Indian Railway Station

Acronym Meaning Classification
CP CHITPUR Indian Railway Station

Computer Assembly Language

Acronym Meaning Classification
CP Compact Precision Computer Assembly Language

Educational Institute

Acronym Meaning Classification
CP College Program Educational Institute

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What does CP stands for in Business (Companies & Corporations)?

CP stands for Crown Plaza in Business (Companies & Corporations).

Q. How is “Crown Plaza” abbreviated?

“Crown Plaza” is abbreviated as CP.

Q. What are the top popular abbreviations of CP globally?

Crown Plaza | Computer | Cerebral Palsy | Copenhagen | Chest Pain

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